Donald Trump Thinks He Is 'America.' If That Doesn't Horrify You, You Aren't Paying Enough Attention.

Trump said in India that his purge is fine because he's just eliminating people who are disloyal to OUR COUNTRY. By which he means himself.


How Much Sh*tshow Is Bill Barr's Justice Department Right Now? This Much Sh*tshow.

Scenes from inside the DC US attorney's office, where allllllllllll the shit's been going down.


FBI Will Declassify Shit For Trump When/If It Feels Like Declassifying Shit For Trump

Quick somebody distract President RageStupid with a laser pointer.


WHO THE FUCK IS BRUCE OHR? A Wonksplainer Of Who The Fuck That Guy Is

You're going to be hearing his name a lot more.


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