Senator Ron Johnson Determined To Make 2020 Election As Stupid As He Is

He's gonna get answers on this Biden Ukraine thing! And if he doesn't get answers, he's gonna make some up!

2020 presidential election

Trump And His Dumbstupid Sons Being VERY SNEAKY About Trolling Democratic Primary Voters

With this kind of psychological warfare, it's almost like they're real spies!


Hero GOP Senators Tried To Stop Trump From Firing Sondland, Very Inspiring, How Brave, Wow

Is there a lifetime achievement award for heroic bravery? If so, Susan Collins definitely should get that.


Devin Nunes Just Met You And This Is Crazy But Here's His Number CALL HIM MAYBE?

Devin Nunes's phone number is not in this blog post, IT'S A SONG LYRIC, MORONS.


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