Tagg Romney Simply Does Not Care For 'Mad Men' Trash-Talking His Dead Grandpa


What a clownFifty-First President of the United States Tagg Romney is hopping mad at the liberal media! This is what he perceives the hit AMC period piece Mad Man to be. On last night's episode -- THIS IS NOT A PLOT SPOILER, JUST A CUTESY ASIDE -- Betty's Republican operative husband, working for then-New York Mayor John Lindsay, was overheard telling the telephone that Lindsay wouldn't be going to Michigan because "Romney’s a clown and I don't want [Lindsay] standing next to him." Get it? All of the Romneys, throughout time, have been Political Clowns.

Check out Taggage, just goin' nuts:

It's true, George Romney was a pretty good fellow. So was John Lindsay! But both are generally understood to have been political clowns. So maybe the joke's on Betty's husband for not realizing that liberal Republicanism was a sinking ship taking down his own boss too... whatever, it's a teevee show about people in fancy clothes.

And in another fifty years, we'll all laugh when Sino-American Outer Space State Virtual-Reality Television makes fun of Tagg Romney as a "clown" and his grandchild, Chotch Romney, whines about it on autotune from his home in the Rebel CyberCaves (Delaware).



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