Taiwan Animators Freak Out Over NYT Proposal For US To Abandon Taiwan


Those NMA.tv Taiwanese animations were all fun and games when they were about idiot Teabaggers and Sarah Palin being a fat teen-aged stripper or whatever. But now that the New York Timeshas suggested that Washington "pay off" its debt to China by letting China invade and take over Taiwan, well now the videos have a bit more bite.

It is kind of funny/terribly depressing that America's total disdain for democracy is now so blatant that the Paper of Record can propose that Washington trade "the only democracy in the Chinese-speaking world" for a 10% reduction in America's outstanding Treasury bonds. It's also funny/terribly depressing that the subtitles here so perfectly describe how Amoral America could "give a rat's ass about the moral implications" of trading the security of a democratic nation to a totalitarian communist superpower just to cut the national debt.

Taiwan is already slowly and quietly integrating with China, and it's increasingly difficult to see the difference between these two industrialized governments of Chinese people. But to see a "former Marine" and policy wonk suggest such a craven abandonment of a half-century-old policy in the New York Times op-ed section is interesting, because these things aren't "suggested" in the mainstream press until they're accepted in the Halls of Power. The few other remaining American protectorates in the world must be extremely nervous right about now. [NMA.tv]


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