Paul Bremer gets chicks by saying he'll do to them what he did to Iraq, John Boehner wants to learn the technique, Michele Bachmann might have already, Ricky Martin's feeling gay, Teri Hatcher seems to be alive, and bon soir to leftist cartoon Howard Dean.

Does power make you horny? See someone who wields it? Before you rub one out, type one email out, with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line, and feel free to let us know if they were any good.

* I was walking up Rue Mouffetard in Paris when Howard Dean and some other guy (maybe his son) walked past us going in the other direction. For a moment, we were excited and gave each other a "Was that Howard Dean?!" look of surprise until we realized that seeing the head of the Democratic party on the Left Bank (probably on his way to the rally of young socialists for Segolene Royal we passed in the Place d'Italie) wasn't a big deal at all and makes as much sense as seeing the head of the Republican party on vacation on some safari shooting endangered animals with automatic weapons. Still, we thought it was pretty cool for a moment there.

* Saw Paul Bremer [4/25], at a swanky Nelson Mullins reception on the roof of 101 Constitution Ave. Paul spent considerable time chatting up a young woman who may or may not have been listening with rapt attention to tales of the series of clusterfuck missteps that led President Bush to award him a Medal of Freedom.

* Yesterday at 5:30 in the Starbucks at 24th and M Sts, I saw Ricky Martin. He accepted a gift of white padded underwear he didn't need, slight beard and great smile.

* At 4pm today [4/22] between the harbor and M st. in Georgetown I saw Teri Hatcher . She was getting into a limo with her daughter. Teri is skinny as anything!

* Yesterday [4/25] afternoon I saw John Boehner walking down the hall in Rayburn with some aids, followed inexplicably by a secret service agent. While he was clearly carrying on a conversation with the guys on either side of him, his eyes never moved from the underage tail in miniskirts walking in front of him on their class trip. He really is an unnatural shade of orange.

* I saw Michele Bachmann outside of the Rayburn Room in the Capitol today [4/26] and she was using a cane. Maybe she tripped over one of her 2 dozen babies?


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