Take Her Out to the Ball Game

katherine%20harris%20baseball%204Katherine Harris's enthusiasm for taking pictures with her camera phone, as seen in this photo, is nothing new.

Last night, Team Wonkette attended the 45th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. And so did our favorite congresswoman: Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL).

We'll have a more detailed write-up of the game, along with additional pictures, later today. For now, to whet your appetite, we offer you a few photos of Katy H. at the game.

Check them out, after the jump (or just click here).


katherine%20harris%20baseball%202Compare this photo and the one right above it. Katy only flashes her pearly whites for Asian dudes -- white guys get the pursed lips.

katherine%20harris%20baseball%205.JPG"Um, Congresswoman Harris, here are the sodas you asked for."



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