Take One For The Country: Big Hos or Big Hoax

Boing Boing got to it first, but Wonkette's raised-eyebrow operative went into more detail: Suspicious from the get-go about the site that encourages women to "provide US troops shipping out overseas with the most sensually pleasing departure possible," he snooped around:

    Google returns no references to a radio station called KDRZ (city not identified), where two Operation Take One for the Country members were supposedly interviewed).

    No references to "KDRZ" were returned in a search of the FCC web site.

    Google reports no references to Green Clover Media, supposedly the parent corporation of KDRZ.

    Additionally, the article "reprinted" on the site oddly doesn't have a title or any indication where it first appeared, just an author. I won't even mention the atrocious writing.

    The bubbly quotes from women supposedly involved make it sound like their activities are kinda like, oh, let's say making baked goods for "the boys;" they seem patently ridiculous to me. I can easily imagine "tee-hee" tacked on to the end of most of their sentences.

    Covert. Uh-huh. How much are those cafepress shirts again?

Our take? Hey, just because there's no official "operation" doesn't mean you can't freelance.

Hoax --> Operation Take one for the Country [Boing Boing]

Operation Take One for the Country [Takeoneforthecountry.com]


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