Take the Retards Bowling

luckystrike.jpgHoity-toit Gallery Place bowling alley Lucky Strike has issued a challenge -- "What media outlet rules DC?" -- and they're opening up on December 15 to settle the issue on their lanes. The competition begins at 11:00am that Thursday morning, which is perfect for Elisabeth Bumiller, who's usually drunk by 10:15.

It's a pretty shrewd move for the newly-opened attraction, leveraging the foaming-at-the-mouth competitive zeal of the media caste to secure some win-win press. Plus, it's an easy bet that the competitors will be more then sufficiently whitebread to comply with their notorious dress code.

We have our own ideas about how the city's media darlings will fare, but if anyone out there wants to offer a prediction or make a bet on the side, drop us an email with the subject "Bowling", and we'll kill a little Friday time together.

Bowling Comes To DC [DCist]


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