Taking Quotes Out Of Context For Fun and Profit

Curt Weldon, who's held his House seat in the suburbs of Philly since the Bronze Age, seems to be in a bit of a tussle this time around, at least when it comes to fundraising, with Democrat Joe Sestak: admiral, PhD, and damn handsome sumbitch. Sestak claims that Weldon is losing sight of what's important:

"I understand that at the top of [constituents'] list, is the concern for family, which Curt Weldon hasn't addressed at all. I want to present how to fix these challenges," he said in an interview.

The idea that any major political candidate can get by without addressing concern for family is preposterous. Seriously, these guys won't shut up about family. Working family, protecting the families, family values, families families FAMILIES FAMILIES BLAH BLAH BLAH FAMILIES! Why, Weldon would have to be literally retarded if he actually failed to address these concerns.

"We love Curt," [Shelley McLoud, executive director of the Chester County GOP] said. "He's his own person and that's a good thing."


"[Weldon] has this tendency to hurt himself," said Cliff Wilson, chairman of the Delaware County Democrats.

Oh! Well, sorry about the confusion.


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