Taking Turns Baking Worms With The Bacon & Eggs

  • "In the past 3 seasons, the Nationals have exceeded expectations, which was mostly a function of having very low expectations. After disappointing everyone last year by not having a historically bad season, expectations are higher this year." [DCist]

  • "Herb Peterson's passing reminds me of a time when invention and passion went hand in hand and unencumbered by focus groups and years of scientific analysis. With that in mind, I think we should take a second to celebrate all that is the Egg McMuffin." [Brightest Young Things]

  • "Attention, all you Ye Old Towne Alexandria tourists: the King Street Trolley is coming. Oh, and it will ring a very annoying brass bell for as many times as the driver sees fit." [Metroblogging DC]

  • "Kandula, the National Zoo's 6-year-old bull elephant, began showing signs of a change a little over a year ago. He started spending more time away from his mother and lashing out at his toys. Keepers could see him flexing his growing muscles, occasionally flashing the whites of his eyes." [City Paper]

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