tap this 2.jpgYesterday we blogged about how the Georgetown law school students who protested Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's speech by turning their backs to him also had "tap this" written on their rears. A reader directed our attention to this message board -- for the San Antonio Spurs, of all things -- which features photos of the students with "tap this" on their asses (such as the one shown at right, by Charles Dharapak for the AP).

The photo, of a protester on crutches, caught our eye -- but so did some of the erudite commentary on the message board. Here's an excerpt:

Oh, Gee!!!: I wonder if he [Gonzales] ended up tapping that girl's ass.

Mr. Peabody: She's a bit of a chunky. But you know what they say "better to bang a chunky than to spank the monkey."

xrayzebra: I don't think he was that stupid or "hard" up. But guess she can always keep wishing someone would.

We feel badly for this poor protestor. She's hobbling around on crutches, enduring mocking comments on the internet about the size of her posterior... It's more than a woman should have to bear!

Hey Alberto Gonzales, TAP THIS [SpursTalk Forum]

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