Tattooed Face Guy For King Of Universe, Please


Move overWonket dreamboat Rosa DeLauro, because we have a new favorite politician who is punk as fuck. No, sillies. NOT that sad Romney face tattoo guy, he is sad and NOT AWESOME. No, this Czech artist/dramaturge/lawyer/professor OF RADNESS, Vladimir Franz, who is running for Czech president. Mssr. Franz, for the love of art and truth and beauty and Throbbing Gristle probably, please do not stop there!

ABC brings the greatness:

Despite his wildly unorthodox appearance Franz has a respectable 11.4 percent of the popular vote in opinion polls, placing him third among the nine candidates, a position that could make him a Czech king maker.

Franz, 53, holds a law degree, is a Czech drama professor, a painter and a prolific opera and theater composer. He also has tattoos covering 90 percent of his body, a variety of body piercings and dyed blue hair.

"Today is the biggest day of my art career and of my political career," Franz told ABC News. "I have a world opera premiere of Karel Capek's novel 'War With the Newts' in the National Opera at 7 p.m. and a national TV debate at 8 p.m."

Voting will take place this weekend and a runoff is scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 25 and 26. The runoff will likely feature leftist Milos Zeman and his right-wing rival, Jan Fischer.

Franz is running as an independent whose political views are far less extreme than his carney sideshow looks. And he is proud of his looks.

"My tattoos are my private little garden. They are not a handicap, they are added value," Franz said. "Elections are not a beauty contest. It is all about tolerance."

He is intent on expanding his work to the art of politics.

"It is not time to be an artist only in the Czech Republic now, you have to act as an citizen. I think a piece of pure heart would not harm our politics," Franz said.

YES we say YES we say YES WE SAY YES.

We bet his inaugural invocation would be like 10,000 gay dudes singing "One More Day," except that is actually not nearly weird enough, now that we think about it. Wonkers! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design the inauguration of Vladimir Franz's TOTALLY NORMAL feverdreams!


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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