Tax Returns Prove Bush, Cheney Not Yet Richest Men On Earth

Happy, wealthy and wise.Presidents and vice presidents file tax returns -- they're just like us! George and Laura Bush filed and guess how much they made in 2007? Just shy of a million! That's not really so much money. Dick and Lynne Cheney easily beat the fake president's adjusted gross income of $923,807. But by how much?

Nearly two million bucks, that's how much. The Cheneys reported income of $3.04 million in 2007, and $602,651 of that will be paid to ... well, basically right back to Dick Cheney himself, as he spends the nation's money however he wants to spend it.

The Bushes will pay $221,635 in federal taxes for '07, assuming they actually pay the remaining $17,741 still outstanding. Have you two kids considered a SEP IRA or something? Or just stealing all the Gold Bars from the Treasury?

Next year, when nobody is reporting on what the Bushes and Cheneys are earning, the numbers will be $927.5 million and $429 trillion, respectively.

Bushes pay taxes on $923,807 income [AP/Yahoo]


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