Trump Smart Again, Judging By All These Non-Existent Taxes

COULD (LOL) there be crimes?

The House House Ways and Means Committee released Donald Trump's tax returns today, via the relatively undramatic method of just publishing them in the daily Congressional Record, as though they were a bill to fund a new sewage plant in Palm Beach, to choose a perfectly random example of Congress doing its business. Talk about your Friday news dump!

The committee voted last week to release Trump's tax records from 2015 through 2020, but it took a few days to redact personal information like Social Security and bank account numbers, as if there's anything in those accounts anyway. The AP notes that the document trove totals just short of "6,000 pages, including more than 2,700 pages of individual returns from Trump and his wife, Melania, and more than 3,000 pages in returns for Trump’s business entities." Politico reports the tax forms will also be supplemented by a new report on the IRS program that was supposed to audit presidential taxes every year but, oops, didn't.

Another 722 pages are just the handwritten note "Can't sleep, VP still watching" over and over again, although it's unclear why Trump would be so worried about his vice president.

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What's Hinky In Donald Trump's Taxes? Wouldn't YOU Like To Know!

Maybe we'll tell you if you're nice.

This week the House Ways and Means Committee announced that it would be releasing Donald Trump's tax returns from the time he ran from president through his four years golfing, being a big old racist, and subverting democracy, but mostly golfing. The biggest thing we learned from a report by the committee was that the IRS, in a surprising departure from its stated policy, never bothered auditing Trump's taxes while he was "president." At least not until Democrats won control of the House and started looking into the matter.

More: The IRS Must Have Forgotten To Audit Trump's Magnificent Taxes!

Yr Wonkette looked earlier at some of the questionable crap the committee's report pointed out, so now let's dig a little further into the details with this nice wrapup of some "Red Flags" that Politico reported on yesterday. The findings in the report come from the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), which Politico describes as "Congress’ brain on tax issues." And here we thought "Congress's brain on tax issues" was more like an egg frying in a pan full of money to be given to corporations, wowza.

Is Trump Really THAT Terrible At Business?

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Kevin Brady: Releasing Trump's Taxes Means We Could See Supreme Court Taxes Too. Oh ... No!

Don't threaten us with a good time.

The House Ways and Means Committee voted Tuesday to release Donald Trump's tax returns to the public, covering the time he ran for president and the four years he resided in the White House. CNBC explains that will

take “a few days” to remove some sensitive information before the release of Trump’s returns and those of eight affiliated Trump businesses, said Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass, the committee’s chairman.

“But we believe that it’s only days,” Neal said.

The records set for release include the notes of IRS audits of the returns.

The 24 to 16 vote to release the tax returns was along party lines, as Republicans all voted to protect the Great Man — and you too, John or Jane Q Citizen, because they care!

You see, prior to the committee debate and vote, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) its ranking Republican, offered a dire warning: If Democrats release Donald Trump's taxes, that means they might release yours, or mine, or golly, anyone's! Here's video:

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Nice Time

California Doing Neat Sh*t With Housing!

Infill! Affordability! Fighting homelessness! Tenants rights!

The Nation-state of California keeps doing progressive stuff like planning to phase out internal combustion vehicles by 2035, guaranteeing access to abortion care, and taxing the rich enough to do social services and still have a surplus. If only people could afford to live there!

Yes, that is our very unsubtle way of telling you that the California Legislature took up more than 100 housing laws in its 2022 session and passed a passel of 'em, aimed at making housing more affordable by allowing greater flexibility in zoning, more types of housing, and easier permitting for lower-cost housing, too. It's pretty damned impressive, so grab a protective head covering and let's inspect what California's building!

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