Taxpayers To Pay For Cheney's Safety After He Leaves Office


You -- yes you, the American terrorist citizen -- will have to pay for Dick Cheney's security detail and personal safety for the rest of your life. Even when China has decided to pull the rug out and take us over, you will still have to tithe to the Church of Mao's holding account that will be used, for some reason, to protect Dick Cheney. Everything we just said is partially true. The Secret Service is proposing, for the first time in history, to grant the vice president its protective services for six months after he leaves office, to the tune of $4 million. Swell! And guess why? It's not complicated. Just figure it out, geniuses.


Although presidents and their spouses are entitled to Secret Service protection long after they depart the White House, federal law authorizes protective services for the vice president and his immediate family only during his time in office. Extending Cheney's detail would require a directive from the president or a joint resolution of Congress.

"We believe that it's a pretty safe bet with the threat environment we face today that Vice President Cheney will be afforded Secret Service protection upon his departure," Sullivan told the House Appropriations subcommittee on homeland security last week.

Experts say such precautions make sense. The United States is at war abroad and faces the persistent threat of terrorism at home. Cheney, a principal architect of the administration's foreign and national security policies, has been an unusually high-profile No. 2 -- and would remain a target long after his term.

Because he is Too Big To Fall, and then the Federal Reserve will have to bail him out.

It would be a fitting end to the last eight years in Washington if Congress' last (or first?) piece of legislation was a joint resolution to pay for Dick Cheney's protection from The Terrorists while he is a private citizen.

Cheney Could Keep Security Detail [Washington Post]


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