Tea Party Celebrates 'Coloreds' By Evicting This One Guy

  • America's brand new political party of people who are actually just wigged-out old white Republicans, the Tea Party, has thrown out one of the greatest Tea Party leaders since whenever this nonsense was made up the day a person of dubious race (Hawaiian) somehow won the presidential election 21 months ago. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK, ETC. But as of today, Old White Republican America will have to win this important revolutionary war without Tea Party Express superstar Mark Williams, who is apparently a "California radio host" beloved for calling a New York City politician the "Jewish Uncle Tom" and Barack Obama an "Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug" and then posted a hilarious comedy routine on America's Internet about the happily enslaved "colored people" and the racist Abraham Lincoln. What will the Tea Party do without this Hero's Leadership? Whatever, Mark Williams is not impressed with being fired from the National Tea Party, which he points out may not even exist! Also, he's super busy these days fighting the construction of an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan that's too close to GROUND ZERO, because Muslims have never even visited New York except by flying jetliners into prominent NYC skyscrapers. Besides, Williams says it's no kind of place for the worship of "the terrorists' monkey-god." (Hey wait isn't Hanuman a Hindu god? Six of one, six half-dozen of another, right Nikki Haley?!) [New York Daily News/CNN]

  • The Tea Party Express did have one great victory under colored writer Mark Williams, and that was the election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate, so that Brown could become Barack Obama's reliable "41st vote." But Scott Brown's best friend Barney Frank is tired of Anderson Cooper's scary sidekick Kathy Griffin calling the senator's nice young daughters "prostitutes." [Boston Herald]
  • Confused old weirdo John McCain debated his GOP challenger J.D. Hayworth twice in Arizona, but McCain seemingly had no idea which debate he was at and kept yelling at Barack Obama, who wasn't there and hasn't debated John McCain since 2008. [Politico]

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