Tea Party Express Brings Celebrities To Alaska Press Conference


The Tea Party Express crew isNOT PLEASED that the National Tea Party Federation has kicked them out of their coalition for standing by their hero warrior Mark Williams and his “satirical” things about “coloreds.” So a bunch of their ranks piled into their official, fancy eagle-covered blunder-bus and drove up to Alaska to have a press conference about how angry they are, and also maybe try to “cool their jets” in the cool Alaskan breezes. Some special guests tagged along! (Anger-bear photo = HINT.)

As this photographic evidence shows, Don Corgan -- reputed twin brother of "Smashing Pumpkins" grunge star Billy Corgan -- traveled to Anchorage to literally stand behind Tea Party Express political director Bryan Schroyer and make sure that Schroyer's jacket remained lint-free at all times. A resident of Olympia, Washington, Don lives alone in a basement apartment with his cat, Geddy, and spends most of his days practicing the guitar riffs from Rush songs.

Also in attendance was Papa Grizzly, a hip-hop artist whose last single, "Pet Ma Snout for Freedomz," has sold 15,000 copies, mostly at Tea Party rallies. (WTF is going on with that bear? Is it a costume with a human being inside, or a stuffed bear that these people drag along with them and pet "for good luck"? Also, it looks kind of short.) [Washington Post]


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