Tea Party Group Sending Homosexual/Jewish Bracelets To Liberals For Some Reason


Are you an urban gay Jew who likes to wear stupid things, for "irony" or whatever? Then you will love these tacky homosexual-Hebrew "silly bandz" being mass-mailed by a teabagger group to, uh, the offices of liberal politicians. There must be a really good reason for this, right? No.

Wonkette operative "Tobacky" received this Package of Fail at her Liberal Democrat office today, and notes that the 'tween fad bracelet "inexplicably has text in Hebrew as well. Were I to just pick up this bracelet, I would assume that it was an organization for LGBTQ Jewish folks. These people are not only not self aware, they are not aware of anything at all."

No no no, they are simply "misunderstood," because they are "misrepresented," because they are "slandered." Look at the enclosed letter!

Okay, so they're "the most misunderstood, misrepresented and slandered members of society today." (And there were "millions more participating at home," ha ha.) So what kind of informational campaign will help non-teabaggers understand the serious issues prompting the small/noisy Tea Party nonsense? You know, besides funny Homo-Jewish novelties for children?

How about a brochure from Jesus?

[Revelation Rainbow]


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