Tea Party Lady Is Disappointed Her Obama Assassination Joke Was Not a Hit


Oh yawn, here is another Tea Party person who has taken to The Facebook to saypossibly inappropriate things about our President and First Lady. What are they this time, socialist Kenyans? Hitler and Mrs. Hitler? WRONG! They are people who should be pushed out of a moving aircraft, according to a terrible joke that made its way around The Olds' Facebook circuit.

The chairwoman of the Sumter Tea Party is taking some heat after posting a joke on Facebook about killing the president and first lady.

Shery Lanford Smith posted the joke on her public profile Thursday afternoon, according to a screen-capture taken by the Sumter Item's Nick McCormac. Smith removed the post after being asked about it.

The joke has been circulating for years in various forms which have included the names of multiple political figures. "It's just a joke," Smith told the Item when contacted about her post. "I had no idea it would be an issue."

Smith was elected chairwoman of the Sumter Tea Party in February 2011, according to the organization's now-defunct website.

How sad that these people can spam everyone with scary jokes on Facebook but they can't keep a Tea Party web site up and running. Oh well, where Maxine Waters is sending them, there are no web sites. [WISTV]


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