Tea Party Nation Hilariously Demands Americans Stop Watching Football


The illiterate twatmonsters of the Tea Party leadership hereby order Americans everywhere to boycott their sacred Monday Night Football viewing ritual until ESPN un-fires their beloved jizz sock Hank Williams Jr. for calling Obama a Hitler on the teevee. Oh, and scientifically provable idiot Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips also orders the state of Tennessee to elect the jizz sock Redneck Emperor of their state, just to stick it to godless corporate Marxist Mickey Mouse, who should be set on fire. Also, everyone start eating their own poop for breakfast. So many demands!

Here's lunatic ball Phillips ranting out his orders:

No Hank, no Monday Night Football, ESPN, owned by far left leaning Disney struck back at Hank Williams today, taking his trademark, “Are you ready for some football?” song off fo [sic] the opening of Monday night football.

Why? Williams dared to insult Disney darling Obama.

As much as I love sports, I have just about had it with ESPN. Until Hank Williams is brought back to sing the intro to MNF, I won’t watch it and I encourage everyone else to turn off MNF.

Hank Williams, Jr. is rumored to be thinking about running for the US Senate in Tennessee. As a Tennessean, all I can say is, “Run Hank Run!”

[Right Wing Watch]


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