Tea Party Not Quite White Enough For KKK's Grandest Wizard David Duke


When all the Racist Stasi Animal Pornographers put America on a meat hook and then butt-paddle us to death in November, smart teevee pundits like Juan Williams will ask rhetorically, "Why didn't David Duke run for Senate, again? He totally would have won this time, and alsoAmerica would feel a lot safer if it was on a plane with David Duke's white heritage." Well, there's always Palin/Duke 2012! In the meantime, David Duke made a YouTube video for America, because he wants you to know that the Tea Party is white, but ... Ha ha, there is no "but." The Tea Party is white, hooray! Obviously it could be a bit more white -- everything could be more white, in an ideal world -- and also: "Jews, the Jewish media, Blacks, Mexicans, Thomas Jefferson, apes, Pakistani freaks, Jewish media freaks, Jews, Jews and Jews." Visit DavidDuke.edu and check his sources!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/ms9Wm1F9mtY?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

A strong majority of white people voted against Barack Obama ... But even larger percentages of Blacks, Mexicans and Jews voted for Obama ... They have more blacks on the [Tea Party rally] stage than they have in the entire audience! ... The biggest threat to us are not some freaks running around the desert of Pakistan, it's the freaks running the media, who are teaching our children the sexual habits of hobo monkeys!

A quick summary: The Tea Party is white as Baby Jesus' supple ass cheek, which is how it should be, amen. The media is corrupting our children with its slimy Jew-values, and uh, Thomas Jefferson hated black people with a vengeance. See the common theme here? (All three of these things are Articles in the Constitution.)

This video is ten minutes long -- and we watched the entire thing, for Freedom. And then Yours Truly crawled to the bathroom, placed his head in the toilet and flushed.

Seriously though, why didn't David Duke run for Senate? Discuss. [YouTube]


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