Teabaggers Also Pretend They Don't Love the Fingers of a Gay Man In Their Butts


What's that old saying about the guys who hate the gays so much? Something like "the intensity of your closet homosexuality equals the intensity of your homophobia."

EXAMPLE, here. So, while we are supposed to be responsible and not laugh at the idea of, say, Rick Perry having sex with a woman, ever, because he is most obviously a terrible self-hating "RINO" fag, the Wingnuts can only think of a certain openly gay and very powerful congressman in terms of this congressman somehow sneaking into a medical clinic to illicitly perform sexy prostate exams on the fat asses of Wingnuts. Spooky. (Thanks to Wonkette Operative "Martinette" for this fabulous photo from the St. Paul teabagger festival. The guy holding the sign is Norm Coleman.)


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