Teabaggers Convinced Facebook Is Liberal Honeypot

Oh look, it's another million-word liberal magazine article about snowbilly grifter Sarah Palin! Did you read it? We scanned it, as a service to busy Wonkette people who simply can't afford to give up an hour of porn or solitaire or whatever, and the only interesting part we discovered was that the Tea Party Teabaggers also believeFacebook is a secret liberal plot to take away their freedom fries.

You've heard of the Tea Party Nation business, the one that fleeced the dumb teabaggers at that for-profit entertainment extravaganza held somewhere ... Nashville? Well, Sarah Palin got her usual HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to read her 2008 nomination speech off her hand again, but the real revelation is that Tea Party Nation's founders started the whole thing as a libtard-free social networking website:

Landing Palin was the work of Judson Phillips, a smooth-talking Nashville defense lawyer who was active in the tea-party movement and wanted to make a business out of it. While many tea-party groups, such as Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, operated as traditional activist organizations, Phillips’s effort was entrepreneurial: He had launched the Tea Party Nation network as a conservative social-media website that would also put on for-profit conferences. Phillips told me he saw a business opportunity to create a right-wing version of Facebook, which he believes is a liberal front that could be used to silence conservatives. “I knew people on Facebook who had their accounts disabled for no reason,” Phillips told me. “My fear is that we’d be 72 hours out from Tax Day tea parties and Facebook would wipe us out.”

Ha ha, what? It's a great idea, of course. [New York Magazine]


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