Teabaggers Protect Dead People From Evil Liberal Voter Fraud

Teabaggers Protect Dead People From Evil Liberal Voter Fraud

Look out your window: Is there a stampede of wretched liberals flailing their arms and making wild animal sounds? Those liberals are running as fast as they can to the "local municipal court house," so that they can pick up a copy of the "death roll" and then vote bazillions of times using False Dead People Identities. This is manipulative and wrong on so many levels, because most dead people write in their obituariesthat they hate Democrats. You awful liberals couldn't really care less though, huh? Well, the Tea Party Paranormal Society isn't going to let you get away with this bullshit. Not this time. They made a video that will stop you.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/BUcmBLXXLNs?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

And here is a helpful checklist for unemployed people who have nothing to do/want to protect Freedom from communist body snatchers:

1. Go to your local municipal court house

2. Find Clerk of Court Office

3. Obtain a copy of the death rolls

4. Copy names of the deceased potential voters going back at least 2 election cycles

5. Upon completion of this project notify media that you are in possession of the names of all deceased potential voters in the area

6. Provide a copy list to appropriate conservative representative and/or poll watchers, and instruct them of the legal process in your jurisdiction on how to challenge a fraudulent vote (information obtained from commissioner of elections, registrar, or other appropriate authority from your state)

7. Document everything and get video if possible

Remember, Teabaggers: Go to your local municipal court -- not the food court! Because you do not want to ask the anus burger sandwich shop for a "death roll." (Those death roll sandwiches have vegetables in them, maybe.)

But what if these liberals dig up all the dead people, and then use them as mannequins at the polling stations? You know, they'll just move the skeletons' jaw bones up and down to make it seem like they are all saying, "Good afternoon. We are liberals and we would like to vote." [Tea Party Paranormal Society via TPM]


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