Team Wonkette Blog Party Crash: CNN Did This Why Again?

Blogger-Slumber-Party-06.jpgThis is basically what hell looks like.

More pictures from last night's weird-ass CNN BLOGSTRAVAGANZA, at the SITUATION BAR.

Fun Facts:

-John Aravosis hugs everyone. Like, hugs you, then introduces himself.

-John Amato was not willing to go the extra mile and try to pick up Mary Katherine Ham, as we suggested.

-Free booze is a blessing and a curse.

-Nick Gillespie totally went home with Ann Althouse.

-Despite the accent, Abbi Tatton is, in fact, from New Jersey.

-Most of these are lies.

More beautiful Liz Gorman pictures, below the fold.


Patrick Gavin and Nick Gillespie, post eyebrow grooming tips rap session.


Right after this picture was taken, the wet t-shirt contest

started. Just kidding, everyone kept drinking coffee and typing!


The elusive Atrios and the less elusive John Amato plan their gay marriage. Also, illegal immigrants.


Dude from Ankle Biting Pundits in the sexiest pic of the night.


It was weird, even when the cameras weren't on her, Jacki Schechner kept talking into the big CNN mic and throwing it back to Wolf.


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