Tech Zillionaire Who Beat The Shit Out Of His Girlfriend Very Angry At Mean Media For Pointing It Out


We mock terrible people in tech here aplenty, sometimes because they are dudebros, sometimes because they are manchildren with too much money, or because they think the poors should be not seen and not heard. This is the first time we have actually had to write about one being a girlfriend-beating piece of shit, though.

Meet Gurbaksh ā€œGā€ Chahal, CEO of something called RadiumOne, which describes itself as "leaders in programmatic everything." Chahal and his nonsense company are worth a nonsense amount of money. Did you notice we did not say Chahal was ALLEGEDLY a girlfriend-beating piece of shit? That is because he already pleaded guilty to some counts! Sadly, they are teeny-tiny counts compared to what he actually got charged with.



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