Why The F*ck Did Trump Tell Hospitals To Stop Sending COVID-19 Data To CDC?

Oh, for 'efficiency' probably.

The Trump administration last week sent a little FAQ to hospitals around the country to remind them of all their daily data-reporting requirements, to keep the federal government up to date on what's happening with the COVID-19 pandemic. Stuff like the number of patients each hospital is treating, available beds and ventilators, all the data that's used to keep track of the disease.

Buried on page 10 of the document was a notice that, starting now, hospitals should no longer send such data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Instead, all the information should go directly to a database set up by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington. Why? The FAQ doesn't say, even though the CDC's reporting system, the National Healthcare Safety Network, is the nation's standard system for tracking infections for years, and gathers data from more than 25,000 medical centers in the US.

The New York Times, which broke the story yesterday, says the switch "has alarmed health experts who fear the data will be politicized or withheld from the public," which just goes to show how paranoid the "experts" are. Donald Trump has the best people running things, and he wouldn't let a bunch of haters and enemies get away with making him look bad. That's the only reason you need to know, please go about your business.

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Class War

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Low-Income People Didn't Get Stimmy Checks For Their Kids, Oopsies

Dead people actually got more help.

When Congress passed the CARES Act to send every American $1200, and another $500 for each of their kids, a lot of people probably thought that meant that every American would be receiving a stimmy check for $1200, and another $500 for each of their kids. Haha, talk about naive! Turns out that literally hundreds of thousands of people who qualified for the payments never received any stimmy for their children, thanks to the labyrinthine system the IRS set up to get payments to low-income people who don't normally file income taxes because they're too poor. Washington Post personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary has the details, and they aren't pretty. Then again, the people hurt most by this don't have lobbies, cable news shows, or even Twitter accounts, so can they really be said to be full Americans anyway?

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ICE To International Students: Risk (Corona) Or Get The F*ck Out

It's a terrible idea all around. No wonder we're doing it.

With a nationwide surge in COVID-19 hitting just a few weeks before many colleges and universities begin their fall classes, the Trump administration issued new rules Monday telling international students they cannot stay in the USA if their schools are conducting all classes online this fall. The rule, from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, states that students on educational visas

may not take a full online course load and remain in the United States. The U.S. Department of State will not issue visas to students enrolled in schools and/or programs that are fully online for the fall semester nor will U.S. Customs and Border Protection permit these students to enter the United States.

Students who are currently in the US and attending school that's going fully online for the fall have to get the hell out or face deportation proceedings, unless they "take other measures" like transferring to a school that's holding classes in person, so they can go and risk getting or transmitting the virus.

There is no fucking reason to do this at all. But it's one more excuse for Stephen Miller's crew to restrict immigration, so no matter how bad it is for students and universities, it's well worth doing, even if it ultimately ends up costing American college students higher tuition, since international students are a huge source of revenue for colleges and universities.

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Advertisers Dumping Facebook Like A Common Myspace

Social network loses $60 billion from Zuckerberg’s cigar-lighting fund.

Shares in Facebook dropped one percent on Monday, following a 8.3 percent slide on Friday after several companies announced they were boycotting the social network. The two-day stock decline erased $60 billion in Facebook's total market value. As the guy in a cowboy hat says in every movie set in a casino, “You win some, you lose some."

Most businesses avoid giving companies a moral standing to cut and run, but Facebook has remained defiantly obtuse regarding the spread of misinformation and hate speech on its platform. Now major corporations such as Starbucks, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Unilever, Levi's, and Verizon all want out.

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