Dems Call For Moratorium On Federal Agencies Spying On Your Face

There's literally no regulation of facial recognition and biometric technology right now.

Facial recognition technology is starting to become a part of our daily lives. Many of us even use it to unlock our phones without thinking twice about it. It's certainly more convenient than constantly having to enter a PIN. But it's also something that governments around the world are now using to spy on citizens, "identify" criminal suspects, track people who participate in protests, and do a lot of other things that many of us would not be entirely comfortable with. In China, facial recognition and biometric technology are used as part of the nation's developing public and private "social credit" systems that rank citizens and punish or reward them based on whether or not the government (or businesses) approve of their activities, purchasing habits, and speech.

We're certainly not there yet, but our government and law enforcement agencies (and businesses) have been using these technologies and other AI- and algorithm-based technologies in ways we don't know about and would not be comfortable with if we did. Not to be all "the food was bad and in such small portions" about things, but on top of being an incredible invasion of our privacy, these technologies are also highly inaccurate.

This week, a group of Democrats in the House and Senate announced the reintroduction of the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act,which would restrict government and law enforcement use of technology we know to be racist, inaccurate, and creepy as hell.

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With 300 Lawyers Watching Closely, Elon Musk Apologizes For Mocking Disabled Worker

Elon never read Vonnegut's 'The Gospel from Outer Space'.

Elon Musk loves trolling. Even more, Elon Musk loves giving absolute shit to the lazy do-nothings whom he laid off from Twitter because they were dead weight who weren't willing to be hardcore. So when a laid-off Twitter employee in Iceland took to Twitter to confirm whether he'd been laid off or not (he'd been locked out of his company work systems with no explanation), Musk lit into him, publicly accusing him of malingering and maybe faking a disability, and mocking the guy for obviously trying to win sympathy and a bigger payout.

Oh dear. It turned out not to be some random codemonkey. The shitcanned worker, former Twitter senior director Haraldur Thorleifsson (known as Halli), replied with the details of his disability (he has muscular dystrophy and severe mobility limitations), and pointed out that he'd joined Twitter after the company's previous management purchased his entire company, the digital branding company Ueno, in 2021.

Thorleifsson is also kind of a big deal in Iceland, as CNN reports. He

has been recognized by the United Nations and the president of Iceland for spearheading a charitable effort to build 1,000 wheelchair ramps around Reykjavik to increase the city’s accessibility.

When his company was acquired by Twitter, he chose to take the payment as wages, so he'd be taxed at a higher rate, as a way of "paying it forward" to Iceland's social safety net.

Musk may have eventually been tapped on the shoulder by some expensive attorneys to inform him that berating a laid off employee and accusing him of faking his severe disability wasn't a great look from an employment law perspective. Late Tuesday, Musk finally apologized to Thorleifsson and insisted it was all a big misunderstanding, and golly, maybe he'd like to keep working at Twitter? No harm, no foul, please don't sue my pants off.

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Elon Musk's Twitter An Awesome Dumpster Fire Of Suck

It's like he doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

Hey, Twitter flamed out again sometime Monday. First, any links you clicked sent you to the Phantom Zone. Then, all gifs and images went black. Wha’ happened? Well, fortunately, Twitter CEO and brain genius Elon Musk is on the case.


Musk whined, “This platform is so brittle (sigh).” This is corporate titan-speak for really selling your product. “Will be fixed shortly.” See, Twitter World is just closed for an unspecified period to clean and repair. The Musk out front should’ve told you.

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Republicans Choo Choo Choose To Ignore Rail Safety

No, it's the children who are wrong.

Republicans have spent the latter half of February having hissy fits about how Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg personally destroyed the town of East Palestine, Ohio, by completely ignoring the February 3 derailment of a train carrying hazardous chemicals. In mere reality, federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Transportation Safety Board arrived at the crash site the next morning and got to work, and Biden spoke to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine immediately after the crash and chemical spill to offer any federal aid DeWine asked for. DeWine says yes, the federal response has been very good, too.

But that hasn't stopped the Right from insisting Biden should have immediately shown up in person so Fox News could call him senile and probably make fun of his shoes, too. The crazier segments of wingnutland are certain that Biden completely ignored East Palestine because he hates white people and won't lift a finger to help them. No credit for sending EPA Administrator Michael Regan to the site, either, because nobody had been screaming for his head, and Regan's visit got in the way of the narrative that the administration wasn't DOING ANYTHING. (As we say, it's been doing plenty.)

So no one should be surprised at all by Politico's report that "on Tuesday, some GOP lawmakers urged their colleagues not to rush out laws putting new strictures on freight rail." After all, this isn't a time for action, it's a time for blaming Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg for inaction.

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