Ted Cruz has made his position on gays quite clear: He's against 'em. His record of opposition to equality is extensive because if they want to be treated like human beings, they can just choose to Don't Be Gay. He's even called for a constitutional amendment to prevent the Supreme Court from ruling on marriage equality cases. When asked by radio host Hugh Hewitt whether he'd attend a gay wedding, he confessed that he'd never been invited to one (shocker), and then insisted that because he's a Christian and loves everyone, just like the Bible says, the real issue is not how much he hates homos, but that the Constitution makes clear marriage is best left to the states, so long as those states don't permit gay marriage because as a "constitutionalist," he doesn't believe in equality -- or, as he calls it, the "radical gay marriage agenda" that's persecuting Christians everywhere.

He does, however, believe in sucking up to rich gay Republicans to get their gay dollars, though:

[A]t a reception for him at the Manhattan apartment of two prominent gay hoteliers, the Texas senator and Republican presidential hopeful struck quite a different tone.

During the gathering, according to two people present, Mr. Cruz said he would not love his daughters any differently if one of them was gay. He did not mention his opposition to same-sex marriage, saying only that marriage is an issue that should be left to the states.

The dinner and “fireside chat” for about a dozen people with Mr. Cruz and his wife, Heidi, was at the Central Park South penthouse of Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner, longtime business partners who were once a couple and who have been pioneers in the gay hospitality industry.

Gracious as it is of him to confess that he'd find it in his big ol' Christian constitutionalist heart to love his kids even if they were gay, there's more. Some of his best friends yadda yadda!

Mr. Cruz also told the group that Peter Thiel, an openly gay investor, is a close friend of his, [Cruz adviser Kalman] Sporn said. Mr. Thiel has been a generous contributor to Mr. Cruz’s campaigns.

The evening was not officially a fundraiser, just a quiet little gathering in the midst of a fundraising trip through New York. Cruz certainly isn't looking for the endorsement and financial support of rich gay Republicans. He just likes chatting with people is all. And wow, isn't it just so typical of the media to paint him as the hypocrite he is, for preaching against equality and then seeking support, on the down low, from those very people whose rights he wants to ban? It sure is, according to a statement he released Thursday:

It speaks volumes that the New York Times considers it newsworthy that a Republican who believes marriage is between a man and a woman would meet with people who hold a different view.

Yes, shame on the Times for noting that Cruz, who's barnstorming around America talking about protecting Christians from gays and birth control, met with a couple of "sinners" who just happen to have money he'd like them to give him for his campaign. This, from the man who cleverly avoided answering the question of whether he'd even attend a gay wedding (not that he's ever been, or ever will be, invited to one). Maybe it depends on how rich the happy couple is.

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve seen it, but this is what it means to truly be a ‘big tent Republican’ instead of a panderer. I’m happy to go anywhere to anyone to champion conservative values. We’re not always going to agree on everything, and I’m not going to change my fundamental values. But at the same time, I’m hoping to offer enough bold leadership on a broad slate of issues that many voters will decide we agree on far more than we disagree.

If there's one thing Cruz is known for, it's his broad big tent appeal. He'll hobnob with just about anyone, so long as they attended the right kind of Ivy League school. And when he's Standing With Israel and The Jews, it's not pandering, even though his dad and close adviser says America is a Christian nation. He's just sharing his fundamental values, that's all.

But Cruz chit-chatting about foreign policy -- and how much he'd love his daughters even if they were hell-bound sinners -- with some rich guys who just happen to be gay and just happen to be potential donors? That's nothing. Which is why he's reiterated for his base, to whom he's definitely not pandering, that there's nothing to worry about. He's still utterly opposed to equality for those people, even if they do support his campaign. It's the Christian thing to do.

[NYT / Ted Cruz.org


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