This weekend, Ted Cruz attracted a lot of attention and good laughs (tinged with a bit of sadness) over a tweet in which he expressed his outrage over a largely satirical bill being proposed that would regulate reproductive rights ... by requiring men to get vasectomies after their third child or before their 50th birthday, "whichever comes first."

This morning, he responded to that attention with a series of tweets claiming that A) People were "triggered" by it, and B) Liberals are just Malthusians who think babies are bad and no one should have babies. Neither of these things is true. "Triggering" insinuates that people found it traumatizing on some level, when in fact everyone found it merely hilariously hypocritical. Also, if anyone hates "babies," I'm gonna say that it's all of the people who think babies don't deserve health care and child care and parents who are able to take parental leave from work.

And then he accused us of being into eugenics.

Abortion has been legal since 1973. The first birth control pill was approved by the FDA in 1960. If our actual secret plan the whole time was to use the right to choose as a springboard to sterilizing people and generally hopping on the eugenics train because what we really want is fewer babies, I would assume someone would have heard something about that by now. If not, we are clearly terrible at accomplishing this as people every day go on having kids and we are not doing a darn thing about it!

Heck! If anyone is out there discouraging people from having kids, it's Republicans, who seem to have zero problem ensuring that it is financially impossible for many people to feel like they would be able to afford to do so. People can't afford houses or condos, and the cost of health care, child care, college, etc. is positively daunting.

Curiously, when you look at the reasons why people choose abortion, "hating babies" does not even make the list. Not being able to afford it, however, does.

So if you really want people to have babies, your actual best bet is making it affordable to do so. You know, like many of the liberals you claim hate babies so much want to do. God, guess we are really bad at this!

Cruz skipped right over his third tweet and straight into a fourth tweet that appears to have been dependent on whatever the third tweet was.

Does he think people love China's forced abortions? Really? Like, Democratic elected officials, in the Senate, love China's forced abortions? Which ones, specifically? All of them? Also what purpose would it serve to have senators in the United States officially condemn a practice, no matter how abhorrent, in China? Unless there's some kind of follow-up, it seems largely ceremonial.

Moreover, the whole point of the reproductive rights movement is choice. The only ones who want to force anyone to do anything against their will are Republicans.

If you can't make your point without accusing those who disagree with you of believing in the exact thing they oppose — in this case, forcing anyone to have anything done to their body against their will — then it is entirely possible that you do not have one.

[Ted Cruz Twitter]

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