Ted Haggard Disappoints America, Again

The techmologies could not help himAs if the news about Mitt Romney weren't enough to break our hearts, another pillar of rectitude has decided to pack it in. It seems Pastor Ted Haggard, who only a year ago became a "complete heterosexual," has decided to end his relationship with the "Restoration Team" that performed his magical conversion.

A brief recap: First he was the leader of New Life Church in Colorado Springs; then the gay sex and the meth; then getting fired and joining the New Life Church Restoration Team; and then a year of blissful straight-on-straight sex. On Tuesday Brady Boyd, the head of New Life Church, released a statement saying he had, in fact, been able to quit them:

New Life Church recognizes the process of restoring Ted Haggard is incomplete and maintains its original stance that he should not return to vocational ministry. However, we wish him and his family only success in the future.

Is Ted Haggard doomed to dwell forever in a twilight half-gay nether realm? And if he is, will meth be available?

Ted Haggard Quits New Life 'Restoration Team' [Colorado Confidential]


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