Ted Haggard's Magic Meth Diet

Snort, snort, snort! - WonketteReverend Ted isn't just a Bush Administration insider who had a personal gay male hooker and meth dealer. He's an author!

Haggard's name is on many books, including one called "The Jerusalem Diet: The One Day Approach to Reach Your Ideal Weight -- and Stay There." While we don't have Reverend Ted's three years of experience as a meth addict, we've enjoyed the occasional snort and can verify that it really does obliterate your appetite.

His wife even helped out:

Haggard's wife Gayle wrote Chapter 12, "Women and the Jerusalem Diet," urging women to accept their bodies and be gentle with themselves -- get a massage, spend time outside, walk.
Massage, eh?

The Jerusalem Diet [Amazon]


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