Ted Kennedy, Technophile

We read today about Sen. Ted Kennedy's off-line-only love affair with blogs. He has no Berry, no computer, no email -- it must be nice to be so rich that everyone does that for you -- so he keeps up with them via a weekly memo about "what progressive blogs, especially Daily Kos and MyDD.com, are saying on key issues." We got a sneak peek at these memos and have transferred them from their hand-lettered vellum scrolls to this pixel form:

10/28/05: Iraq war bad. Bush lied. Stupid Bush. MERRY FITZMAS.

11/04/05: Election was stolen. Iraq war REALLY bad. Bush stupid, a liar.

11/11/05: Lying stupid Bush stole the election. Bad goes the Iraq war.


11/25/05: Iraq war bad.

We understand that Kennedy also follows the news very closely and often has his staff tell him what happened on the "talking picture box."

Kennedy :)'s on Political Bloggers


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