Ted Kennedy To GWB: You're Done, Punk

'Um, Mr. President? We lost and you're done.' - WonketteGuess who somehow found room in his liver for some backbone? Teddy Kennedy!

The sole survivor of the CIA's bold 1960s campaign to rid Washington of Kennedys, Senator Ted says Congress will be blocking whatever crazy "surge" Bush will announce tomorrow.

Ho ho, and now he's comparing Dubya to Lyndon Johnson ... still getting back at LBJ for helping the CIA kill Jack! And CNN is actually running a whole lot of actual substantive speech. For example, five minutes of solid Vietnam-Iraq comparisons, and if Bush isn't stopped there will be tens of thousands of American deaths in Iraq just like Vietnam, etc. We are in a total history loop and it will never end.

Kennedy fights 'immense new mistake' of troop surge [CNN]


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