Ted Kennedy's Week of Books, Love Children and Lawsuits!

tedken.jpgCrazy week for Teddy Kennedy, right? First he bags $8.5 million for his autobiography, which fetched more than Hillary Clinton's Living History ($8 million) but fell short of deals for Tony Blair ($10 million) and Bill Clinton ($12 million). Then the woman who allegedly had Kennedy's love child sued the National Enquirer over last year's cover story which claimed Uncle Teddy got her preggers, paid her a measly $15,000 to shut the fuck up, and had her apartment "ransacked and evidence of their relationship removed." She also says she fears for her life and warns that she could end up like Mary Jo Kopechne. You know, dead. But apparently she's under psychiatric care, so, you know... Court docs, and original story after the jump!


According to The Smoking Gun, the plaintiff alleges that National Enquirer, like, totally made the story up. Shocked!

"A Massachusetts woman is suing the National Enquirer over a story claiming that she gave birth to Senator Edward Kennedy's "love child" in 1984, and participated in a 20-year cover-up of the purported scandal. Caroline Bilodeau-Allen charges that "virtually every critical fact" in two 2006 stories is "false and defamatory," according to a lawsuit filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Boston.

"She denies Enquirer claims that her son Christopher was fathered by the Democratic senator, and that the politician paid her at least $15,000 in hush money. Christopher, now 22, is also a plaintiff in the complaint, which names the tabloid's corporate parent, American Media, and two reporters as defendants.

"The complaint, which does not identify Christopher's actual father, alleges that the Enquirer's stories "have destroyed Mrs. Bilodeau-Allen's reputation and left her emotionally devastated." Additionally, Christopher has been humiliated by seeing his photograph on the publication's cover and "being falsely referred to as an 'unwanted' 'secret' 'love child' whose alleged father 'didn't want' him and who abandoned him." The complaint, an excerpt of which you'll find below, includes copies of the two stories in question (you can find the first piece here).

"The Enquirer's follow-up story reported that Bilodeau-Allen's apartment had once been "ransacked and evidence of their relationship removed" and that she "feared for her life and warned that she could end up like Mary Jo Kopechne." Bilodeau-Allen contends those claims are false. The lawsuit, which does not specify monetary damages beyond $75,000, notes that both plaintiffs have been under the care of psychologists and have required anti-depressant medication as a result of the stories."

So essentially, the lawsuit was filed by a straittjacketed Kennedy spawn and his pill-popping momma? Awesome.

Tab Sued Over Kennedy "Love Child" Stories [TSG}


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