Ted Nugent Is Very Concerned About All This Rape. Of the Constitution. By Libruls.


Constitutional scholar, NRA board member, and serial fact assaulter Ted Nugent, miraculously stillneither dead nor in jail, would just like America to know that we do not need to fear easy access to guns by ordinary Americans like Adam Lanza (no prior convictions) or James Holmes (no priors) or Jared Loughner (possession of drug paraphernalia and defacing a street sign). No, what Americans really need to fear are the "subhuman maggots" who "belong in cages," but who Liberals constantly let out of prison alla time because liberals just love letting felons out of prison. So by focusing instead on trying to make deadly weapons just a little bit more difficult to obtain, Liberals are the real criminals who "rape our Constitution and urinate on the vision of our Founding Fathers." Sounds like a thesis! Liberals are always the ones who want to try reasoning with the slime-drooling alien monsters in science fiction movies, after all.

Nugent's prime example of how liberals just let dangerous criminals walk onto the streets is a genuinely horrible case in Alaska, in which a guy named Jerry Active is accused of murdering an elderly couple in Anchorage, then raping the couple's 2 year old granddaughter and her 92 year old great-great grandmother. But this never should have happened, since Active was had been convicted in 2010 for sexually abusing an 11-year old girl during a nighttime break-in in 2009. (And in a sickening detail that Nugent somehow missed, Active actually committed the murders and rapes the day he was released from prison.) Ted Nugent just wants to know how this could happen in his America:

Why this maggot is back out on the streets is more than a valid question. In fact, it is the question.

Had Maggot Active been locked in a cage where every thinking person knows he belongs, he would not have been able to kill the great-grandparents and rape their 2-year-old great-granddaughter on May 25.

Maggot Active isn’t the exception; he is the rule. Our so-called criminal justice system unleashes the vile, recidivist monsters back out onto the streets of America every day.

Damn those liberals and their criminal-coddling! Say, who was the liberal activist gun-grabber that let Jerry Active out of prison, probably through some combination of exploiting legal loopholes and a sob story about what a fine young man he was? Let's see, the liberal responsible for his early release was... a faulty database that missed a 2007 alcohols-to minors conviction that probably would have lengthened the sentence for Active's 2010 conviction. As for Nugent's assertion that Active was obviously a violent maggot who anyone knows belonged in a cage, the actual charges in that 2010 case were "second-degree sexual abuse of a minor" "attempted sexual abuse of a minor" -- Active plea-bargained to the latter, along with assault and criminal trespass. Congratulations, Ted Nugent! You have discovered the oldest Git Tough On Crime cliché in the world: if all felonies carried life sentences, there'd be no recidivism.

But do liberals want to ban criminals? No! They want to ban guns! Where's the sense in that? In fact, says Nugent, this case, in which a gun was not used at all, proves that liberals are hypocrites:

The left’s solution to this willful act of barbarism: ban certain types of guns and high-capacity magazines that are rarely used in crimes.

Clearly their agenda is banning guns, not banning criminals or saving lives. And their morally bankrupt agenda is wrong, anti-American and counterproductive. Their agenda will achieve nothing except to rape our Constitution and urinate on the vision of our Founding Fathers.

We wondered if the Founding Fathers wrote anything in the Constitution about whether people convicted of second-degree felonies should be locked up in cages for life, just to be on the safe side (they probably can be, as long as they are proven to be maggots), but we didn't bother reading past the Only Amendment That Matters. Maybe the Constitution would be safe from liberal rape if Ted Nugent wrote it out on an AR-15.

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