The ancient snow troll who coinedthe most tired Internet phrase in the universe and who wanted to build a bazillion-dollar bridge to his Arctic Palace for Alcoholic Vietnam Vets 'N Herring may soon leave the Senate seat he has occupied since 1812. That's right -- Ted Stevens faces some sort of opponent in his latest re-election bid. And he's losing to this Democrat nobody!

New polls show some character named "Mark Begich," reportedly the mayor of Anchorage, ahead by two whole points. Also, 61% of Alaskans would like to see Ted Stevens banished to a crab trap at the bottom of the Bering Strait, while only 27% would enjoy sending Begich to the watery deep.

Ted Stevens is a million years old anyhow, so it's probably time for him to retire.

AK-Sen, AK-AL: Still looking good [Daily Kos]


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