Ted Stevens' Wife Always Plotting Against Us

From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen ... - WonketteSure, we may be living in a police state where some 350,000 people are on a "no fly list" for reasons they aren't allowed to know, but at least we can laugh at the plight of Catherine Stevens.

The Alaska mom is the wife of Senator Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens. While she's surely guilty of many crimes against her state and nation -- if she's anything like her husband and son -- Mrs. Stevens probably isn't plotting a terror attack against the United States.

In that sense, she's like English pop star Yusuf Islam, because both have also gone by the name "Cat Stevens." Stevens the singer is on the no-fly list because he's famous and converted to Islam. Stevens the senator's wife is always hassled by TSA goons because she just might be Yusuf Islam. If this government had run the Holocaust, they would've killed all the juice.

No-Fly List Checked for Accuracy, Cut [AP]


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