Tedisco-Murphy Race Basically Tied, Dem Leading

Wow, how much did we not want to see this result from New York's Congressional District 20 special election. Neck and neck! Dead Heat! Photo Finish! Etc. You goddamned people, can't we just have an easy election, it's over, Michael Steele is fired -- he gets fired either way, hah! -- and then we, uhm, move on to 2010/2012?

But, Democrat Scott Murphy is in the lead. It's a real lead, not some court thing or lizard people or whatnot.

Republican test-case Jim Tedisco is 65 59 votes down, with "Final Precincts Reporting" across the district. Scott Murphy is leading -- 77,344 to 77,285. That's almost half of a tenth of a percent!

Anyway, Go Democrats, or whatever we are supposed to be doing. Yes! Tedisco is kind of a hapless fool in this case, as he had a solid lead until the Morons from the RNC and RNCC and whatever wingnut PACs came to town and reminded people just how odious Republicans have become in this country.

We will update! Here is Nate Silver's slave on 538, and here is the Albany Times Union. Seems like nothing on the cable news. Not a big deal or anything!

UPDATE: CNN has Handsome Anderson Cooper accusing various people of being stoned, and making some jokes with some celebrity gossip. There is a very large bald-headed black man showing how to "curtsy." MSNBC has shout-y Keith Olbmermann interviewing the guys who explode stuff on a teevee show called Myth Busters. Come on dudes, pretend to care! This might be a Harbinger or whatever. OH RIGHT it would only be a harbinger if the Republican won.

UPDATE the 2nd: Some 5,900 absentee ballots were filled out and mailed back in time. Are these counted yet? We guess not, because who cares, right? Also: Military ballots have until April 13 to come in, so, well, see you on April 14! Maybe?


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