Teenage Lobbyists Gone Wild

Hey, at least one House employee listened to our demand that you send us vulgarisms while yer supposed to be working:

Subject: overheard in Longworth Cafeteria

at just about 12:40pm today:

Crossing through the throng of citizen advocates, middle school delegations, and tourists to get a lowly pre-made sandwich because I wouldn't stand in a 10 minute line for a lousy piece of chicken, I heard:

1st 14 year old tourist/school trip girl: ...make it illegal.

2nd 14 year old tourist/school trip girl: Yeah, so then girls will stick coat hangers up their pussies!

1st 14 year old and the rest of the girl gaggle around them: Shhhh, (giggle)...oh my god, (snicker).

Yeah, now that they bar members-turned-lobbyists from the door, these pro-choice interest groups are already getting a lot more creative.


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