Teh Huckbeez Need Money

AP061216025207.jpgDespite his blossoming presidential bid, it looks like the Huckster's still earning money by working the speaking circuit, Politico reported yesterday. This morning, CNN pretended it was their story and reported it all over again, but they didn't get to talk to the charming Mr. Huck on this second go-round.

In Huck's place, CNN got a spokesperson with a Muslimy name who reiterated his If-I-Don't-Work-I-Don't-Eat point, and also confirmed that he makes like $25k per gig (roughly equivalent to what a Wonkette intern makes in about a million years). Predictably, Huck's mouthpiece had no idea who was paying for the speeches or where they would be given. All the other presidential candidates have put their paid speaking engagements on hold, but they're also all kind of loaded. We'll come to Huckabee's defense because of this: he hasn't given a paid speech since November, when no one cared about him, and he won't give another until February, when, again, no one will care about him.

Huckabee still gives paid speeches [Politico]

Huckabee still getting paid on the speech circuit [CNN]


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