Tenfer Tenpeat Tentacular!

  • Barack Obama has now won 10 primaries in a row. Hillary Clinton still plans to win Ohio and Texas by 400 points or so. [New York Times]
  • The Obama machine feasts on critique and turns it into Hope. It takes plagiarism and turns it into a bounce in the polls. It is a magical machine that will eat up all the Hate in the world and turn it into Love. [Washington Post]
  • Don't get too excited about Fidel Castro's resignation; the transition of power to his brother Raul means more of the same (i.e. still no Cuban cigars). [Wall Street Journal]
  • Wisconsin exit polls showed that Hillary Clinton had no advantage over Barack Obama among women voters. They also showed John McCain making inroads with conservative voters, and a slight cooling trend in Hell. [Politico]
  • Crafty GOP strategists will unveil a diabolical new strategy for the 2008 campaign: characterizing Democrats as weak on national security. [The Hill]

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