Tennessee Democrats Nominate Lunatic Who Misspells His Own First Name For Governor


Tennessee taketh away, and Tennessee giveth. Sure, welost a couple of fine men last night, but now we have Chrles (sic) "Charlie" Brown as our newest favorite Democratic gubernatorial nominee! Is he an unknown whose only sign of a campaign so far is a Facebook page with his own name misspelled, one picture of him with three fish, and what the Blount County Dems believe may be his fine collection of letters to the editor about how Tennessee should mandate the Bible and the NRA?


Here is one possible letter to the editor, unless some asshole is signing Chrles Brown's name to stupid letters again. As you can see, he forgot to add "with votes."

Oh, we cut off the end. Here you go!

Our friends in Tennessee might want to have a go bag packed, for after we finishing nuking Mississippi back to Mississippi.

Anybody else miss Alvin Greene?

[ via SouthernBeale]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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