Terri Polo, Great American

It amused us to see that fellow DC area blogger and amateur political pundit "Outside the Beltway" posted links to the Terri Polo Playboy spread. And people mock say we're being obsessed with sex. We'd never link to naked picture of Terri Polo. Well, maybe if she was with Paul Wolfowitz. Hell, if it were just Wolfowitz. . .

In any case, should you doubt the relevance of Terri Polo to political debate, we point you to this comment, which sums up, we think, the administration's best argument for continuing the war on terror:

Dude this chick is hot…sweet fucking hot…her clit is enormouse…I wish i could feel her wetness… Yeah free Irack
America, fuck yeah.

UPDATE: Considering what's linked to as the commentator's own website, the legitimacy of the comment is suspect, but we don't think the sentiment is.

Teri Polo Playboy Nudes [Outside the Beltway]


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