Terri Schaivo and the Media's Flop Sweat

If there's one thing that we can all agree on about the Terri Schiavo case, it's that there haven't been enough laughs. Could it be that the media has overestimated just how funny the situation is? As the New Republic's Michelle Cottle told Howie Kurtz on "Reliable Sources," when he asked, "Has the press ridiculed, or maybe I should say marginalized, religious people?":

Well, it's not that they get out there and make fun of them. It's just you come with a ready-made kind of visual here. You have people on the streets praying....These people are very easy to kind of just poke fun at without even saying anything. You just kind of show these people.
Talk about the laziness of the mainstream media! We watched hours of footage of the protesters and, really, there are episodes of "Full House" that are funnier. Maybe if they added some funny sound effects or something. The Benny Hill theme?

Reliable Sources [CNN via Michelle Malkin]


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