Terri Schiavo, Tragic Cliche

The blogs are all talking about us!It must really be almost over for Terri Schiavo: today's Washington Post Style section features, well, basically an obituary, but the kind of insanely sappy one that you don't get unless you're a truly tragic figure.

She was a girl who loved animals and worshiped cute television stars, paying homage to heartthrobs Starsky and Hutch by naming two gerbils after them. She daydreamed about working for a veterinarian when she grew up, or maybe just being a dog groomer.
Okay. We think this whole thing is awful. But this story is so full of details that tug at the heartstrings that it almost turned into a parody. Schiavo "wrote to John Denver, asking him to come sing at her wedding." She had white wicker furniture in her purple-and-white bedroom as a kid. "She liked David Cassidy more than Shaun." And of course, she married the first man she ever kissed (and now he's trying to murder her like the monster he... oh wait, sorry, Randall Terry stole the keyboard for a minute there).

Not that there are many touching details about the lives of anyone associated with this site, but we're putting this in our living will: we don't care what you do with life support or feeding tubes, but whatever happens to us, don't let Jennifer Frey do the profile.

Terri Schiavo's Unstudied Life [WP]

Family photo via Zuma Press


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