Terrible Undergraduate Fiction Gets Students Expelled, Because Of Viginia Tech

A danger to herself ... and good writingEver since the Virginia Tech shootings, college teachers have been extra vigilant about expelling creative writing students who write typical teenage loser stories about suicide and alienation. At the very least, instructors face increasing pressure to notify parents, administrators, and health officials that these lamebots with their dark gothic tales will probably not get laid until they are released from mental institutions at age 30.

Take for example this creepy guy, featured in this Wall Street Journal story, who had a bunch of guns because he was in the military once. He wrote a fictional story about Virginia Tech and then he was committed to a mental ward.

Or this other guy, who protested the building of a parking garage by making a COLLAGE featuring a scary gas-mask picture. He also got expelled! Because he was clearly a loony nut, protesting a parking garage!

Basically, college administrators are all idiots, creepy dudes who keep multiple guns in their cars shouldn't write stories about Virginia Tech, and every undergraduate creative writing program in the country should be bombed into oblivion, the end.

Schools Struggle With Dark Writings [Wall Street Journal]


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