Self-proclaimed Terror Queen Rudy Giuliani is, of course, running for President of 9/11. TIME Magazine describes his campaign this way: "He has no foreign policy experience, and he talks about terrorism as if it's an enemy country on a continent only he knows how to find." The magazine then spends about a million words describing all the other ways that Giuliani is, in fact, a terrorist.

* Rudy was invited to be part of the Iraq Study Group, which could've provided some valuable education about a place he's never seen and surely doesn't know anything about: Iraq. But he missed every meeting because he was busy earning millions of dollars giving speeches about how brave he was when he happened to be in New York when it got blown up. And then he was kicked out of the Iraq Study Group.

* Like Bush Junior, Rudy is a stubborn idiot who would only get us stuck in more losing wars that never end.

* He claims to have studied and battled "Islamic Terrorism" for 30 years, when in truth he was just sparring with the local Italian mafia.

* "Giuliani's penchant for secrecy, his tendency to value loyalty over merit and his hyperbolic rhetoric are exactly the kinds of instincts that counterterrorism experts say the U.S. can least afford right now."

* Giuliani became mayor of New York just 11 months after Islamic terrorists bombed the World Trade Center, yet he never did anything about it and never even said "Islamic terrorism" once over eight years in office until 9/11. (He apparently mentioned generic "terrorism" exactly one time in the 1990s, in regards to "emergency preparedness," and spoke often of the "terror" of domestic violence and ill-fitting ladies clothes.)

* He is so stupid and ill-informed that he couldn't even answer a recent campaign stop question about whether Iran or North Korea were closer to having nuclear weapons -- North Korea tested a nuclear bomb last year.

* Even dumb presidents can get by with smart, ethical advisers, but every adviser Giuliani has ever had is a dumb criminal thug, pedophile priest, mafioso, diaper-wearing hooker user or cocaine dealer.

* "More than anything else, counterterrorism experts interviewed by Time cited Giuliani's campaign rhetoric as a cause for concern. He frequently conflates different threats, from Iraqi insurgents to al-Qaeda to Iran, into one monolithic dark force. He routinely compares the terrorism threat to the Holocaust and the cold war. In one 15-minute phone interview in August, Giuliani compared the terrorism threat with Nazism or communism six times."

* He actually thinks screaming about Terrorisms all day every day will make conservatives forget he is a cross-dressing abortionist adulterer who betrayed his own children and lives with gay men having gay sex and only loves two things: opera and pedophile priests.

* "Retired Lieut. General William Odom was director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan from 1985 to 1988. He calls Giuliani's terrorism rhetoric 'the most delightful thing that al-Qaeda could want .... Jihadism is a mosquito bite compared to communism,' he says. 'Anybody who talks about terrorism this way is like a witch doctor.'"

Behind Giuliani's Tough Talk [TIME]


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