Terror, Terror, Terror, Donald Trump, And Terror: Your GOP Mainstage Debate Livebloog

Wonket how dare you do this slander? Apologize to ISIS now!

Welcome to your REAL Republican debate liveblog, the main course following the unappetizer course that several of you sat through because you have no lives. Everyone has been wondering all week how the candidates who aren't Donald Trump will react to his super-S-M-R-T and totally practical plan to erect an Anti-Muslim Force Field around the USA until we bring an end to radicalislamofascistjihaditerror. Yr Wonkette boldly predicts that the condemnations will get progressively stronger the further down in the polls the condemner is. John Kasich will call it reprehensible, Ted Cruz will thank Trump for bringing up this important question, and Ben Carson will smile, nod, and wonder why the terrorists haven't accepted Jesus into their hearts. And the rest of them will get really angry at Barack Obama for letting the Islamics get so out of control.

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