Terrorist American Public Standing With Islamists Instead of #1 Capitalist

Terrorist American Public Standing With Islamists Instead of #1 Capitalist

As many commentators,such as Sarah Palin, will tell you, the U.S. cannot allow Egypt to become a democracy because its people might want their laws to reflect their religion. That would be great, except their religion is not Christianity, it's Islam. So they're all terrorists. But now, according to a Gallup poll, the American public overwhelmingly supports the protestors on the streets of Egypt. ("Gypsies," they're called.) In related news, Hosni Mubarak is the world's richest man. Obviously we should support him because he won capitalism, but for some reason our citizens love these terrorists. Never forget?

Most Americans support the protesters who have called for a change in the government in Egypt, with 82% saying they are sympathetic to the protesters (including 42% who are very sympathetic), while 11% are unsympathetic.


Two-thirds of Americans (66%) say the political changes occurring in Egypt will be mostly good for that country, and a similar percentage (60%) say the changes will be mostly good for the United States.

Yeah, well, talk to them again at Halloween after they've encountered all the illegal immigrant mummies flooding into America when Egypt falls. Those things are going to join up with Mexicans in their nefarious health-care gangs. [Gallup]


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