Terrorist Conspiracy Takes Muslim-Hating Congressman's Wife Off Radio


Republican former Congressman and guy who played Gopher on The Love Boat Fred Grandy apparently spends his time these days hosting a conservative radio show. And, naturally, he likes to have his wife come on his show as a special guest under the undecipherable pseudonym "Mrs. Fred" to talk about birther crap and how a vast conspiracy of Muslims, who are, of course, all terrorists, are planning to take down the U.S. from the inside. Unfortunately, this Muslim conspiracy heard about her exposing the truth and secretly, with a dash of Sharia and a pinch of caliphate, got Grandy's radio station to ask him and his wife to tone down the crazy. And you can't tell crazy to stop being crazy, so they quit.

Obviously, it's the "Final Countdown" these days to total takeover, and if we don't support IRA terrorist Peter King in his hatred of Muslims terrorism, all will be lost.

"The real problem is that none of us seem to understand there is self-jihad, civilization jihad, going on in our country every single day, 24/7," Catherine Mann-Grandy said. "This is owned and orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood."

Oh no! That must be why our economy is rather stagnant these days. America has got to get in on this very profitable self-jihad industry. OWN AND ORCHESTRATE, AMERICA. [TPM]


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